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17 Days to go!

This is an appeal as much as a blog about my time remaining in this race.

I have exactly 17 days left in this race. I have until noon on the 19th of October to be precise. At noon on 19th October they close the nominations for the PCC election. After this point you are in the official list or you are no-one.

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Keep Calm And Carry On!

Most of you know that I do everything myself. I have no team and I have no funding, I don’t even have the £5000 deposit yet.

Having no team and no funding, limits what I can do to campaign and get the much needed exposure. One of my things has been mini flyers. A small A5 piece of paper that simply states:

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My first Debate

The experience was eye-opening.

I had the questions I was going to be asked two days ago and i was told that I’d be asked 3 of the 5 questions and I would have 3 minutes to reply. I went for a specific answer to each of the questions. I then compressed each answer down into the context and substance of the answer and then i took it apart until it was 3 minutes long an answer.

I thought i had done my homework. I thought that my answer was going to be just that, an answer, instead of a politician’s response, which doesn’t sound quite so genuine. I really thought that my crafted honest answers would come through for me. How wrong I was.

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I just want to give my opinion on the word ‘respect’ and how it seems to get thrown around with no real meaning or substance by people who have a warped concept of the words definition.

I will be respectful of someone I don’t know out of politeness. I’ll call a man sir and a woman madam. If I know the name of the person it’ll be mr or mrs.

What I don’t do is ignore people. If a member of the public has a legitimate question about the PCC race then I won’t ignore that person in pathetic hope that they stop asking the question.

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Sponsors and Donations

I’m not good at asking for money. I never have been good at it and i  don’t think i ever will. We have all been there. Whether its asking for a loan from a friend or asking for help from family, it is and always will be an awkward thing to ask for money.

The reason im asking for money is not noble at all, but a necessary evil because of the way the electoral system works in this country. Ill be open with my opinion on this.

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Friends, Humbersiders, Countrymen, give me your 2’s.

It’s very important that everyone know how this election is going to be run. There is still a massive gap between those who know about the election and those that don’t, and even then some of the people that know about the election don’t know it’s not ‘first pass the post’

The election is a preference vote. When you get your ballot paper you will be presented with two identical columns of the candidates names. How the columns are on the ballot is irrelevant. One of the columns is for you to pick you first choice candidate and the other column is for your second choice. If no candidate picks up 50% or more of the votes after the 1’s have been counted then you move onto counting and adding the 2’s.

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A bit more about me.

Ive been receiving more questions about my back ground and what it is about my background that makes me ‘the normal man on the street’. I thought i would give everyone a a bit more biographical info so i have something to refer people to so they can get more time asking me the questions they really want!

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Independents do matter!

We had our first local internet straw poll and the results are in.

John Prescott did not win.

None of the party candidates won. It feels strange to say but i did in fact win this poll which was held online from 16/08/12 – 20/08/12.

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Anti-Social Behaviour

I wanted to talk about the issue of anti social behavior because its a subject that seems to weigh on the minds of a lot of people. The topic always raises peoples blood pressure and it seems to bring out the most venomous and anger filled opinions i have ever heard.

I want to talk about this as its a subject that John Prescott is going to use to get as many votes as possible. He is going to tell the voting public exactly what they want to hear. He is going to make promises to reduce anti social behavior and he is going to say he will use the police to do it.

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