Im fighting the Party/Establishment Machine so any donations to my campaign would be welcome. I can get a 1000 flyers done on my PC for £20. If you would rather donate time get in touch with me. Maybe you could deliver some flyers for me in the area you live in.

There are rules regarding donating. Anything under £50 is not seen by the electoral commission as a donation and does not need to be declared.

I will prioritize donations. The first £5000 donated will be used to pay the deposit required for me to secure my name on the ballot, anything else after that, will go towards leafleting.

If there is someone willing to donate the £5000 directly for the deposit which is more important than anything right now then please get in touch with me on phone or email. If i poll with more than 5% then the £5000 is returned to me which i would then return to the individual who donated it.

My Pingit number is 07886973704 just in case anyone wants to use this smartphone app.

Thanks in advance for any and all donations