Neil Eyre

I’m a 34 year old father of two.

I have lived here in Scunthorpe with my family since 2004.

Prior to this my adult career consisted of service to the Army in the Royal Signals. My working career has been very colorful, from a production op making kebabs on a conveyor belt to sticking paper to boxes for Harrods. All this, back, when there was no minimum wage. Ive been a Project manager for most of my civilian career and its done me OK. It keeps you away from your family but who doesn’t have to move around for work these days!

I ran for my ward during the last local elections as an independent but was not successful. I did however beat the Tory candidate, which did satisfy the ego to be honest, but hey, isn’t it nice when the little guy beats one of the big guys, which is what party political candidates are.

I’m here to be a non political option for the Humberside area.

Someone has to be the person to step up and try to give some form of credible alternative to the party politician. I’m not saying i am that person but I could be if that’s what the people of Humberside want. If I get the support on polling day I get the credibility to take on the political establishment and hopefully do some good.

Now i cant promise that ill get it all right and certainly wont promise to bring down crime. It would be a lie to promise this because there is no way of knowing how things will be in 5 years, it would still be a lie if it was 12 months!

I’m going to try give us all the best value for our money! The budget is around $180 million a year! this is our money so shouldn’t we be trying to get the most out of it? I plan to have discussions with as many senior police officers as possible, not to get advice, but to have them tell me what they spend our money on! I think its important that we direct the police the way we want, after all they are the servants here!

This is not the typical jargon you would hear coming out of a party political candidate. What you hear from them is what a party has dictated to them! Is that what we really want? a private members club running our police? I don’t want that.

Ill be back to update these pages as soon as i have gathered information which i will share openly with everyone through the Blog.

please keep comments clean and swear free.