by neilandreweyre

Now that the dust has settled on another election I just wanted to say thanks to everyone who supported me. Friends, family and random members of the public donated and voted for me in the PCC election and for that I am humbled. It would have been nice to receive a few more votes but there were three independent candidates.

The combined total of votes cast for independents actually outstripped the winner and runner up so you could say we were all part of our own downfall.

I’m not going to complain as its not really productive and there are plenty of people already doing this.

I do take issue with our state and media though. The governments dereliction of duty to its citizens does border on criminal. But since the behaviour of our government borders on criminal most of the time it’s hardly unexpected. They had the opportunity to inform the electorate about the election and chose not to do so adequately. The media had the chance to do this too but only felt the need to report about a few of the candidates instead of the election in general.

We live in a society that expects to be spoon fed information these days. It’s something that has been going on for a while now and it is the government and media who are responsible for creating the spoon feed mentality.

If you are reading this I can assume you are not one of those people because you are seeking out information instead of waiting for it to be thrust upon you.

I was going to say its our responsibility to help inform the less informed but that would be wrong. It is each individuals personal responsibility to inform and educate themselves. We are not in school anymore we are adults.

By all means point people in the right direction. There is no harm in suggesting some reading material to another person. Just don’t kill yourself trying to convince others of your point of view.

This is the last post for this site. There will be no more. You can still follow my views and opinions on

I want to say a special thanks to the three Paul’s. Without you guys the race would have been much harder.

Last of all I must give it up for my dear mother, whose unwavering support for what I believe in was always there when I needed it.