Beware the Agent Provocateur

by neilandreweyre

I had to write about this because I’m starting to see an increase in the number of online forums and comments on websites telling people they should spoil their ballot in the PCC election.

I don’t have a problem with this in principle because I too have spoiled a ballot before.

Sure you should spoil your ballot if you feel your only options are politicians and you don’t have a real choice, but be aware that there are people who will and are calling for people to spoil their ballots because they don’t want disenfranchised voters to vote against their party candidate.

Just be aware. You may have friends or family who are thinking about spoiling their ballot without knowing they have a real choice in this election. It is a tactic that party supporters will employ to stop opposition to their party candidate.

To a political party it’s about getting hold of, what they see as, an instrument of power which they can wield over the people.