For Your Consideration

by neilandreweyre

The size and scale of this election is finally starting to dawn on voters. People are waking up to the realisation that this is going to happen no matter how much they believe the position is not needed or how much they don’t want the position.

The 27-30% of the country that is definitely not going to vote in this election doesn’t want to vote because they are sick and tired of the same choices come election day. They are tired of the same false promises from the same tired old voices.

Career politicians making claims that this time it will be different. This time they will do a good job, this time they will do what the people want, this time they will listen. It’s been like this for literally decades if not centuries! They promise the earth and then don’t deliver.

Establishment characters espousing their independence of a system that has kept control of a public apparatus that is there to protect and service the public not feather their pockets.

Authority figures who believe that because they have been in a position of authority for so long that they are qualified to do a job that has never existed!

All of it is an illusion.

Why would people want to vote for candidates that have done nothing but run the public system into the ground? Nothing seems to run smoothly under their custodianship.

Let’s get this straight. I believe the PCC should act as a custodian of the authority they will have voted for them. This is not about voting for someone who is going to tell the public what they will do for the police but how they will direct police resources for the benefit of the public.

Lots of slick and polished performances are being delivered by the other candidates. They address a person’s question in the first line of their response and then waffle on about something else as opposed to answering the question.

I see it at every debate. A question is posed and then not answered. The subject of the question gets addressed in the first line of the response but the remaining words don’t have any relevance to the question! I have been personally criticised for answering questions with short answers. It doesn’t bother me. It’s actually quite flattering to be criticised for NOT sounding like a politician. Probably because I’m not one.

Most people who read this blog are already thinking about voting. There are many who are not reading and have no intention of voting because, misguided as they are, they believe that they have no real choice. It’s up to you who read this and support my positions to get the message to those who would not vote. It’s important that you let people know that there is a real option to vote for.

Print out pages from my website. Print out copies of my manifesto and give it to friends and family who don’t yet know that they can vote for someone with their best interests at heart.

It’s time to cure some apathy!