Real Representation.

by neilandreweyre

As the race for Humberside PCC heats up I’m reminded constantly by establishment types that I have no chance of winning. I told by party people that I could not hope to compete with the party machine when it can churn out 300,000 flyers.

I say it’s all nonsense!

So you can put out 300,000 flyers. Of course you can. You have money to burn. If it’s got a party politicians name on the front, you may as well be pushing the flyer straight into the recycle box!

When the establishment tell me I won’t get enough votes to win I remind them that this is not a general election or a council election. It won’t be voted on like normal elections.

To all the locals reading this. How’s the Tory led council working out for you? Do they listen to what the wants and needs of the people are or do they just do what they want thinking it’s for the best without real consultation. Your MP’s are all members of different parties, how’s that working out for you? Do you get listened to? Do they vote on important issues how we the public want them to? Or do they just go ahead and do what they and their party want?

Our councillors and our MP’s don’t represent us as they should. They promise to do so at every election and like moths to a flame we lap it up and re-elect them time and again. It doesn’t change and it’s never different. It’s the same ruling class, the same establishment elite and the same political parties TELLING US we should vote for them because no-one else can do the job.

Are you seriously going to believe what the politicians say this time around?

Before every election they come out with their slick presentations and waffle on about what they will do if they get elected. Then they get in power and forget the promises and immediately start doing what they think will get them re-elected. They will do all the popular things and pay little attention to what they believe are lesser priorities.

I was criticised in a blog today for giving short answers. Hey! I’m giving answers, they are clear, concise and contain none of the belligerent holier than thou indoctrinations which the main stream politicos spew forth. No one is criticising my answers just the length of them. I don’t speak or sound like a politician because I am not a politician! I am putting a huge amount of effort into not playing these pathetic political games where by I argue my point and just talk over whatever someone else is saying.

I’m not behaving like a politician because the public is sick of that type of behaviour.

I’m different for those same reasons. I’ll listen to someone who gives me constructive criticism not try and talk over them because that person has the same right as I do to put their opposing point of view forward.

If all my critics can do is’ have a go at me because my answers are too short’ or they don’t like a t-shirt I’m wearing I’m happy with that. It clearly shows the public that I am not like the other candidates. Come November 15th when everyone goes to the polls I’m counting on the fact that people know my name, they know I’m not a politician and they know that I am their best chance at a police force that will be truly accountable to the public.