My First Live Broadcast.

by neilandreweyre

I arrived in Hull to make an appearance on the Sunday politics show. a makeshift Green room was created and I sat down with a coffee to wait for us to go on.

All the candidates filtered in and sat down. There were a lot of pleasantries exchanged with conversations randomly occurring until it was time to sit down and do the show.

That is unless you are Lord Prescott. With the exception of a brief hello we were ignored by him. Until he arrived all the other candidates had fallen into a default mode of civil politeness around each other but there was no such behavior from Lord Prescott. He didn’t join us in the green room at all before the start of the show. He seemed more interested in speaking to Tim Iredale.

It was noted by all the other candidates that Lord Prescott had not bothered and we all joked that he must have his own dressing room before the show.

The show went fine as far as I was concerned. I only got to answer 2 out of the three questions. If you watched you may have thought my answers short. You may have thought I should have spoke more. The bottom line is I spoke for the length I did because I wanted to answer the question, I mean really answer the question. It only took a few seconds to give the answer and I wasn’t about to start wittering on like some freshman politician trying to get the attention of a party whip!

I would have liked to answer the second question but the politics came into play.

The three party political candidates all started to fight and bicker like we see so often. It was always going to happen though. Politicians just cant help themselves sometimes.

There is no point analyzing it. This is what happens when you involve politicians. they start bikering and fighting about whose political ideology is the best. Its quite pathetic really becasue when it comes to policing most people will conceed that the best route is the evidence based route, so the fact that three party politicians decided to have a shouting match, well it wasnt plesant.

The show ended and we all filtered out.

There was one thing that happened after the show that I’m going to share with you and it was an exchange between Lord Prescott and I He actually said: Its a shame to lose £5000!

It felt arrogant. Its also a very misguided opinion he has and it shows how self important he must really feel.

Let me explain. If we have a 20% turnout on election day it will mean about 150,000 votes will have been cast. %5 of this is 7500. That’s what I would have to get in order to see my £5000 again. There are a lot more than just 7500 people in Humberside that do not want to see Prescott win this election and I would hope that some of those votes will come my way. The rhetoric from people on the street and doorstep is that of ‘anyone but Prescott’ all of the donations I have received from the public have been with the message of ‘anyone but Prescott’

The misguided opinion he has is that the large numbers of people who don’t want him to win are not going to come out and vote. I think its a mistake on his part to think that on mass the people of Humberside will not take the opportunity to make sure he knows just how much they don’t want him in charge of anything that involves the use of public funds!