Made it!

by neilandreweyre

So glad I made it. It was a struggle but at least I’m in the race.

I just want to say thanks to all the family, friends and members of the public that donated. I would not have made it with out you.

Onto business then. I know a lot of people out there may have held back on giving me a donation because I might not have become an official candidate. I understand that. People are always apprehensive when asked for money and don’t want to give it away to a lost cause. I’m not a risk anymore. I’m on the ballot. You will be able to cast your vote for me.

I’m not asking for much. If you don’t feel you could donate money then display a poster in your window or hand out some leaflets. I’m just asking those who feel they would support me to do just that. I’m already getting help from people I haven’t even spoken to yet. I have a friend with an A3 printer and he is happy that i use it to print my new campaign poster so just ask me for one or two. Its not flashy. I’m just going for the message.

Ill be outside HSBC Scunthorpe tomorrow am from 1030. If you want to volunteer. If you want to help out, or if you just want to speak to me first before you make a decision to help and support me then come along.

If you can afford to donate then please go to one of my pages with a donate button. All donations over £10 will receive one of my campaign t shirts. Thanks for looking.