Printer Ink and Nicotine Gum.

by neilandreweyre

I only popped into town to get some more printer ink, which I go through incredibly fast and some nicotine gum, which I also go through quite fast. My phone went off and it was a Facebook alert and the message said that John Prescott was on Frod rd. I was outside Maxwell computers from buying the ink so I had a wander over to see what the fuss was about. I asked where on frod rd and was told on the corner of Percival. I saw Prescott’s car and wandered over to take a pic.

I chatted to the driver for a bit then watched and waited for John Prescott to exit the building. What happened next is below. Sorry for the quality of the video.

So we have finally met. Got a tweet and an RT from him.

The best thing about it was the BBC. I know you can see them at the start, but what you don’t see is the BBC camera man that then placed his camera squarely in front of me while i was talking to Prescott. Apparently it was shown on the local BBC news today but I’m waiting for it on the iplayer. Ive been told I was referred to as the 3rd favorite in the race which is a good start as far as I’m concerned.

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