Turbulent Times

by neilandreweyre

What turbulent times we live in. We have a person sent to jail for 3 months for saying vile and abhorrent things on the Internet. We have a dead celebrity under scrutiny for potentially carrying out dozens of horrible and heinous crimes and we have the media crying foul and scare mongering about giving more rights to people to protect themselves in their own homes! It’s been a busy week!

Let’s break each of them down here.

Should the police be arresting people for saying vile and horrible things? Should the courts be putting people behind bars for expressing their freedom of speech no matter how distasteful the comments?

Should the police investigate the accusations made against the dead celebrity?

Should people be able to protect themselves their family and property?

It’s easy to give a reasonable response if you take into consideration the obvious question first.

Has a crime occurred or is a crime about to occur?

If the answer to this question is no then you take no action. I’m not talking about committing an offence here. The state can make up an offences out of thin air and they do this with frightening regularity. I’m talking about real crime. Physical harm, damage and theft. That’s not to say there are not laws on the books that are not reasonable but don’t involve the above.

With reference the first issue I raised. It would appear that it is now acceptable to be locked in a cage for saying something offensive. Were threats made? Did the the man encourage people to commit any acts of violence? Will the people who use foul and abusive language like the twitter user did get sent to jail for 3 months? If our system of ‘equality under the law’ is to be maintained then they should all go to jail for 3 months. It won’t happen, but it’s too late to go back. The establishment has created the double standard now, so too have the police and the courts!

If you say something they don’t like. It’s the cage for you!

A dead celebrity gets accused of committing vile crimes. It’s quite simple. He must be investigated. The police receive a complaint then they must act appropriately. Others may be involved. Others may have information important to get a resolution.

Should people be allowed to use any means necessary to defend their person their family and their home? If someone breaks into your home and you come face to face with them, you have no idea what the person you face is capable. They might just want to get out as fast as possible. They might not want you to identify them and may do you harm? The only people concerned are the two people facing each other. Nothing else matters! It is not for someone else to decide what thoughts are running through the minds of the two people facing off. One is a criminal and the other is the victim. The victim does not know what the criminal is capable of! The right to defend yourself against aggression is a natural right. If someone is threatening you with violence you have a right to defend yourself. If you are not being threatened with violence, a violent response is unreasonable.

These issues do weigh on my mind as a PCC candidate. We should concern ourselves with issues like this. As a candidate my opinion seems to be sought after a bit more than usual.

I don’t think you should use violence against people who express opinions. It’s that simple. If the opinion being expressed is asking people to commit crimes or acts of violence against other people then it should be dealt with but throwing someone in a cage because they offended you is just wrong!

Try saying it out loud and listen to how horrible it’s sounds and how immoral it is.

“I think that people who say things that are offensive to me should be locked in a cage! If they don’t come peacefully then violence should be used against them to put them in the cage.”

It’s very simplistic but it’s what is happening. The state is you, you are the state. They are saying the above and doing the above on your behalf. If you don’t agree then you should say something about it.

If you are happy for state sanctioned violence to be carried out in your name against people who are only guilty of typing some really offensive words then I suggest you read some philosophy on morals and ethics. Aggression against those who are not aggressive to you is simply unacceptable.