17 Days to go!

by neilandreweyre

This is an appeal as much as a blog about my time remaining in this race.

I have exactly 17 days left in this race. I have until noon on the 19th of October to be precise. At noon on 19th October they close the nominations for the PCC election. After this point you are in the official list or you are no-one.

the other candidates have all got their £5000 ready to hand over to the man!

I on the other hand don’t. Of course it doesn’t help that it is illegal for me to collect cash donations on the street without a license. the Council wont give me one because I’m not a registered charity or non profit. I’m told it can take a minimum of 28 days to get a street vendor license so that option is no good to me. I am trying to raise this cash, but it not easy getting people to part company with their cash during an economic downturn and it doesn’t help the situation that most people in this country are just far too apathetic and they just don’t care anymore.

I do understand peoples apathy. A lot of people just don’t believe in the system or voting anymore. “why bother” they say. ” Whats the point”

The public at large sees the country being run by establishment politicians who think they know better and petty bureaucrats who like nothing more than telling people what to do.

Its time for your apathy to be cured!

Wake up!

This country is run by the establishment because people vote for the establishment. Its no use sitting there and moaning about how the parties always win the elections. People unaffected by ‘downturns’ and ‘recessions’ will vote for the establishment because they are fine. the people doing OK will vote and they will do so because they are happy with the status quo. those not happy with the status quo, those who are unhappy that no good comes from voting are the very people the establishment are counting on not bothering.

Now i know that there are people out there who really don’t want this to happen but what you have to understand is for people like me to get elected and start taking back our democratically elected positions we need to get on the ballot and the only way to do this is if you donate money!

£5000!!!! that’s the price tag to get into the race! Its a ridiculous amount of money.

On the morning of October 20th the field of contestants for the role of PCC will have either 6 options or 7. If i don’t raise the £5000 its going to be 6 choices and all of them are establishment candidates.

4 party politicians and two independents one of whom used to be a Tory MP and adviser to Micheal Howard and the other has been a senior police officer for 30 years!

Those will be your choices. There wont be a ‘none of the above’ option. If this option was on the ballot i would not be running. The option was not given to the electorate, and never will be.

The establishment runs the system. Do you really expect them to give the electorate the option to vote them away? Really?

I am your none of the above option! You only get me as an option if i submit the £5000. This is exactly what the establishment do to stop you voting, to keep you indoors on polling day. Make it near impossible for ‘real people’ to stand and give people an option so that your only choices are an establishment ‘safe pair of hands’

They don’t like it when regular people run for office, unless its a regular person controlled by a political party.

I don’t know how many reasons you need me to give you for donating to my campaign.

It sucks! It really, really sucks that i have to ask you for money but that is what the establishment have done and there is no getting around it. I hear the rhetoric from all the peoples whose doors i knock on. They don’t want a politician or they don’t want to vote because there is no point.

I’m giving you a reason! I’m giving you that option! If you are of the opinion that we should ‘keep politics out of policing’ then donate to my campaign or come November 15th you will be left with a politician running our police force.