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Month: October, 2012

For Your Consideration

The size and scale of this election is finally starting to dawn on voters. People are waking up to the realisation that this is going to happen no matter how much they believe the position is not needed or how much they don’t want the position.

The 27-30% of the country that is definitely not going to vote in this election doesn’t want to vote because they are sick and tired of the same choices come election day. They are tired of the same false promises from the same tired old voices.

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Real Representation.

As the race for Humberside PCC heats up I’m reminded constantly by establishment types that I have no chance of winning. I told by party people that I could not hope to compete with the party machine when it can churn out 300,000 flyers.

I say it’s all nonsense!

So you can put out 300,000 flyers. Of course you can. You have money to burn. If it’s got a party politicians name on the front, you may as well be pushing the flyer straight into the recycle box!

When the establishment tell me I won’t get enough votes to win I remind them that this is not a general election or a council election. It won’t be voted on like normal elections.

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My First Live Broadcast.

I arrived in Hull to make an appearance on the Sunday politics show. a makeshift Green room was created and I sat down with a coffee to wait for us to go on.

All the candidates filtered in and sat down. There were a lot of pleasantries exchanged with conversations randomly occurring until it was time to sit down and do the show.

That is unless you are Lord Prescott. With the exception of a brief hello we were ignored by him. Until he arrived all the other candidates had fallen into a default mode of civil politeness around each other but there was no such behavior from Lord Prescott. He didn’t join us in the green room at all before the start of the show. He seemed more interested in speaking to Tim Iredale.

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Made it!

So glad I made it. It was a struggle but at least I’m in the race.

I just want to say thanks to all the family, friends and members of the public that donated. I would not have made it with out you.

Onto business then. I know a lot of people out there may have held back on giving me a donation because I might not have become an official candidate. I understand that. People are always apprehensive when asked for money and don’t want to give it away to a lost cause. I’m not a risk anymore. I’m on the ballot. You will be able to cast your vote for me.

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Printer Ink and Nicotine Gum.

I only popped into town to get some more printer ink, which I go through incredibly fast and some nicotine gum, which I also go through quite fast. My phone went off and it was a Facebook alert and the message said that John Prescott was on Frod rd. I was outside Maxwell computers from buying the ink so I had a wander over to see what the fuss was about. I asked where on frod rd and was told on the corner of Percival. I saw Prescott’s car and wandered over to take a pic.

I chatted to the driver for a bit then watched and waited for John Prescott to exit the building. What happened next is below. Sorry for the quality of the video.

So we have finally met. Got a tweet and an RT from him.

The best thing about it was the BBC. I know you can see them at the start, but what you don’t see is the BBC camera man that then placed his camera squarely in front of me while i was talking to Prescott. Apparently it was shown on the local BBC news today but I’m waiting for it on the iplayer. Ive been told I was referred to as the 3rd favorite in the race which is a good start as far as I’m concerned.

Still need help and donations, so get in touch if your just hearing about me.

How do you get an 18 – 25 year old interested Politics?

You don’t!

The 18 – 25 demographic is one of the most sought after demographics when it comes to elections because its very hard to get them interested in the boredom and monotony that is politics.
Its so mind numbingly pointless that most 18 -25 year old would rather watch paint dry! Sure there are a few out there that have spent most of their youth being active in politics with the rest doing what most 18 -25 year olds do…. Party hard!

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Turbulent Times

What turbulent times we live in. We have a person sent to jail for 3 months for saying vile and abhorrent things on the Internet. We have a dead celebrity under scrutiny for potentially carrying out dozens of horrible and heinous crimes and we have the media crying foul and scare mongering about giving more rights to people to protect themselves in their own homes! It’s been a busy week!

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Independent Revolution.

17 Days to go!

This is an appeal as much as a blog about my time remaining in this race.

I have exactly 17 days left in this race. I have until noon on the 19th of October to be precise. At noon on 19th October they close the nominations for the PCC election. After this point you are in the official list or you are no-one.

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