by neilandreweyre

I just want to give my opinion on the word ‘respect’ and how it seems to get thrown around with no real meaning or substance by people who have a warped concept of the words definition.

I will be respectful of someone I don’t know out of politeness. I’ll call a man sir and a woman madam. If I know the name of the person it’ll be mr or mrs.

What I don’t do is ignore people. If a member of the public has a legitimate question about the PCC race then I won’t ignore that person in pathetic hope that they stop asking the question.

The establishment don’t seem to like answering questions the public ask and I find that to be highly disrespectful. I put the media in with the establishment. We see and hear what they tell us. We like to think they tell us more truth than opinion but it doesn’t happen very often. A lot of the time it turns in to a witch hunt and it doesn’t stop until someone is hounded into resigning.

It’s happen with this government and it happened with the last government.

A lack of respect shows contempt. It shows contempt for the person the respect is being withheld from.

Everyone knows I’m running as a non establishment candidate in the PCC election. I have always conducted myself around the establishment with poise. I’ve used the correct compliments of sir and what not when needed. I do this so I cant be attacked by them for showing no respect. I do it so i cant be accused of militancy or being unreasonable. It lets me get my message out without having to waste time defending attacks by other candidates.

Even I’ll admit that the other candidates have been very cordial with me. I won’t go as far as respectful. None of them have shown me any respect. When I’ve been in the same room as them I can feel them looking down at me. That’s not to say they are, but I can feel it.When they speak to me I can feel the contempt, as they talk down to me. I see the surprise in their face when I respond in crisp clean standard English. I see the horror in their eyes when they realize

“oh crap, this guy can see right through the politicking and reasonably argue against my position”

It’s usually at this point where they switch off and walk away. It’s happened to me. Not just with my opponent candidates here in Humberside but at events involving other candidates. One independent candidate (very establishment) literally turned their head and walked away from me 10 seconds into a conversation about their petition. I was stunned. It was disgusting. They just walked away. No ‘excuse me’. No ‘I’ll be right back’. I was that unimportant to them I was just ignored.

Where is the respect here? The same person who did this to me is spouting off on twitter now about respect. The hypocrisy is visible to me because I’ve seen both sides of the coin where a few candidates are concerned. We have them in our race and other people have them in their races.

You won’t see it in the news or read it in the papers. The media are in on the disrespecting.

Ask any independent candidate how much exposure they have had compared to the establishment candidates. I’m not talking about local news papers I’m talking about the BBC and other terrestrial broadcasters. The Satellite and cable news. The tabloids and the broadsheets.

Anyway it’s just a opinion. It may or may not resonate with you but at least you know now and can call the establishment on the BS. Next time you hear the word respect come from an establishment candidate just laugh because chances are they are demanding something they themselves don’t give.