Sponsors and Donations

by neilandreweyre

I’m not good at asking for money. I never have been good at it and i  don’t think i ever will. We have all been there. Whether its asking for a loan from a friend or asking for help from family, it is and always will be an awkward thing to ask for money.

The reason im asking for money is not noble at all, but a necessary evil because of the way the electoral system works in this country. Ill be open with my opinion on this.

The system was created by the party’s that were in government so they have an vested interest in making sure that however the system works, it benefits them the most. It happens every-time a government changes between the two main party’s. they move boundaries or change voting rules and many other things. The establishment does like to look after its own self interests and right now that self interest is millions of pounds a year in new PCC salaries and expense accounts, most of it going to the establishment and party political people.

Now its important to maintain an illusion of freedom and choice and fairness so we have elections and we get to vote for candidates that the establishment and political party types allow us to choose from. Very few actually see the bias towards the establishment. This should get the country really angry! It doesn’t. It doesn’t because the media isn’t reporting on it regularly enough and its only important if the media are reporting it right? Big media are just as bias towards the party political establishment because its in their interest to do so. look at the news. read the websites. you find lots of stories on the party political and establishment candidates but you see very little of the independent candidates. the main stream media are just as elitist as the political establishment.

Its the ‘your just a regular person, you couldn’t possibly understand how to do the job’ attitude that i get from the political establishment that drives me on.

Anyway its because of the way the system is geared that they can put legal walls up to stop regular people from running from office. You know what I’m talking about? those legal barriers they create to discourage the ‘common folk’ from running for office.

the big legal barrier for me is this deposit of £5000 that they decided to include just for this election. Its unfair, unbelievably unfair. Its the biggest wall i have ever seen put in front of regular normal people. It is the establishments way of saying ‘we don’t want you riff raff running for this job’ without saying it.

If you run for council its free, at least for now. If you run for parliament its only £500! so why on earth would they make it £5000 for this election? I’m sure I’m right in saying that the majority of the country could not reach into their back pocket and pull £5000 out of their spare change purse. Its an absurd amount of money to demand from a private citizen just so they can step forward and give the electorate an alternative voting option.

If you are reading this i could really use your help. If you are an independent business in the Humberside region and you can spare a few hundred or a private citizen and can spare a tenner please pass it on to me. All donations will go to the deposit first so i will return the money to you after the election as I’m sure to get the 5% required for a refund. If you are an independent business and you can sponsor my campaign ill give the recognition where its due by putting you up on my site so that other visitors can see that you do care about keeping politics out of policing.

Ive got until 12 noon on the 19th October to hand over the £5000 which only gives me one more month. Please, please help me get elected and put a stop to the politicization of all our elected bodies. We need to start taking back from the political establishment what they have seen as theirs.