Friends, Humbersiders, Countrymen, give me your 2’s.

by neilandreweyre

It’s very important that everyone know how this election is going to be run. There is still a massive gap between those who know about the election and those that don’t, and even then some of the people that know about the election don’t know it’s not ‘first pass the post’

The election is a preference vote. When you get your ballot paper you will be presented with two identical columns of the candidates names. How the columns are on the ballot is irrelevant. One of the columns is for you to pick you first choice candidate and the other column is for your second choice. If no candidate picks up 50% or more of the votes after the 1’s have been counted then you move onto counting and adding the 2’s.

Of course I would like to have your ‘1’ vote but I understand that there will be people who are fiercely supportive of their respective party’s and no amount of talk from me will convince them to give me their ‘1’ vote.

Its very important that people know about this very important nugget of information because I have no doubt that when it comes time to actually count the ballots there will be chaos as a result of the huge number of ‘spoiled ballots that are going to be produced. Add to that a potential low turnout and you have potential bedlam!

So please give me your ‘1’ but if your loyalty is to party then I ask for your ‘2’ even if your party bosses are telling you not to, which they will. Be sure that the party election team will be telling the ‘cast iron’ voters not to cast a number 2 so they don’t give any advantage to other candidates. You might want to do that. Hand over your voting rights to a party. Would you not prefer to vote with your conscience though?

Thanks for reading and don’t forget to ‘vote 1 and 2’.

A lot of your twos are not going to be counted, yes you heard me right. Only the candidates that finish 1st and 2nd get to move to the second round of counting. so that’s it folks if you cast your 1st vote for any candidate other than either the first or second placed candidates, guess what? your opinion of second choice isn’t important. In fact its that unimportant important that they are not even going to bother counting it. these are the legislated rules and this little gem has been tucked away until now. 5 candidates number ‘2’ votes will not be counted and it is possible in this race that an independent that finished 3rd or even 4th would have more ‘2’ votes than the candidate in first or second.

This is bad news! Tens of thousands of ‘2’ votes declared irrelevant

If you are voting for me for sure and you really don’t like any of the other candidates don’t feel compelled to give a second preference vote.