A bit more about me.

by neilandreweyre

Ive been receiving more questions about my back ground and what it is about my background that makes me ‘the normal man on the street’. I thought i would give everyone a a bit more biographical info so i have something to refer people to so they can get more time asking me the questions they really want!

I joined the army and signed my papers just after i turned 18. I did 10 weeks basic training  and  8 months of trade training. I started my first tour with a posting to Cyprus where the UK holds authority over two regions of the island. I was posted to Airfield Troop, which was part of 259 Signal Sqn. and i spent the next 2 and a half years honing all the skills i was trained in. While posted here the war in Kosovo erupted and i was sent to Kosovo for a 3 month secondment along with several compatriots to provided extra manpower for a major project. The 3 months of applying my trade doing 12 on 12 off shifts was very valuable. This was at the end of my tour of Cyprus and i found out i would be promoted and posted to N. Ireland.

I spent 18 months in N. Ireland. From there i was posted to 21 Signal Regiment(AS) Colerne here in the UK. This was where i spent the final years of my army career and is also the location i was sent from into theatre the most. From here i did a 3 month tour of Bosnia.

In 2003 we went to war with Iraq. I was sent along with most of my unit to provide air support to the RAF. This was not the end for me though as a few months after my return i was sent out again for 6 months missing Xmas and the new year in the UK. It sucks being on tour over Xmas and new year. I actually met my wife in the gap between my two tours but that’s another story. I handed in my NTT (notice to terminate) while in Iraq for personal reasons, and left 12 months later.

From end of 2004 onwards has been my career as a civilian. I applied myself and started work as a project manager in early 2005 and i have been practicing that profession ever since.

I have had other jobs. Before the Army I worked in a box factory making boxes for Harrods. Before that i worked in a meat factory putting courgettes on kabab sticks and before that i was a trainee administrator at an employment agency. I even worked at NSD in Scunthorpe before my project manager career began.

This is my back ground and it why i believe i can call myself a normal guy.