Keep Politics out of Policing!

We all think it! We all say it! We all want it!

Most people don’t want politics and policing in the same melting pot. We have seen how politicians continuously make bad decisions and bad policies based on what the party of their choice dictates to them, and we have seen the disastrous results of their political meddling and policy changing first hand.

I am not a party political person. My views are based on a philosophy of Freedom, Peace and voluntary interaction which is the opposite of every party politician I know.

The questions you should be asking of me are: How am I any different from the other candidates? How am I any different from the party politicians putting their names forward for this role? Why should I vote for you over the other candidates?

I am different from other candidates because of the philosophy I follow. I believe in true freedom for all people. I believe in Peace and the non-aggression principle (you don’t aggress against other for any reason other than the immediate need to self defense). I believe in voluntary interaction between peaceable people who only wish to enrich their lives through this manner without harming or causing bother to others.

No other candidate I know is like this, so it’s a big difference.

I am different from party politicians (who I believe will try and steal this process away from the public domain of the individual) because I have no party affiliations. A political party is not an arm of the government or state but a private club to which you must become a paid member. It’s like a private company with share holders who talk debate and vote on how it should be run and what can they do to make their Party/club/company better.

If McDonalds stood for election, would you vote for them? I think it unlikely.

Last question: why should I vote for you?

I answer to no party. I would do my hiring and firing based on the best person for the job. I don’t see groups or special interests like parties do. I don’t owe favors to companies that have made party donations. I will make my decisions based on what is right for all individuals within our community regardless of whether it’s good or bad politics. I won’t make any decisions based on politics at all. I’ll make decisions based on what a budget dictates can be done and where possible give what doesn’t get used back to the people.

The police are there to protect and serve. I think serve is the most important aspect. The police are not there to tell people what to do. They are not there to run people’s lives or dictate to people how to behave. They are there to provide a service.

They are there to protect you but if you’re out on the street and you are attacked/assaulted, then you obviously haven’t received protection. No-one reading this blog will think for a second that the police could possibly protect everyone all the time from anything bad from happening to them, it’s just not possible, but what you do want is a police officer to turn up at your home with an optimistic attitude that “we are going to catch this person who assaulted you” That positive admission that as your public servant they will look for the perpetrator of the crime committed against you and not just give you some crime number for insurance purposes.

Basic common sense dictates that the police can’t protect and serve all the people all the time so where ever possible we should look to replace the role of the police with community actions. These community actions should be wholly voluntary and wholly peaceful. We want our police service chasing after real criminals that have committed real crimes against real people. We want the police to protect us as much as possible whether it’s by reducing paperwork and having them walking the streets or meeting up at community centres with local people. We want a police service that has the appearance of ‘getting the job done’ not just statistics that get manipulated into giving the public the falsity that everything is OK.

I know this is a lot to take in. I’m trying as hard as possible to avoid sounding like a politician. I’m from the school of thought that a person will always prefer to hear the answer to a question they don’t like rather than not get an answer at all. I will always be on hand to answer questions and I will always answer them honestly, even if you don’t like the answer.

Keep Politics out of Policing

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